Create Goals to Reach and Surpass
Create your road map to success.
Create reachable goals to create social impact to get your brand/product in-front of thousands and millions.
Set Your Plan In Motion
Execute and put your plan in motion.
Deliver on your road map to success. Without a clear road map you would not be able to understand where you are headed and what's needed to arrive.
Scale and Execute
Scaling and executing is vital to a successful project.
Apply working formulas that help achieve maximum gains. Learn how to make your product go viral and achieve global recognition.
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Plan your road map to success

Innovative strategies
to boost your online business.

Social Media can boost your business in many ways, today we have multiple access too free platforms with millions of people fully committed to it. Using social media can open up your customer base and fan base.

  • Facebook Branding
  • Facebook Ads
  • Content Creation
  • Viral Videos
  • Content Planning
  • Instagram Branding
  • Instagram Ads
  • Social Media Science
  • Viral Photography
  • Niche Targeting
Possibilities are endless

The Social Media landscape is exciting.
Coutain Co. will lead you to dominate in your industry in the digital world

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Let us help you reach your goals

Our trusted professionals will guide your business to sustainable social media growth

With our experience we can help guide you to meet your goals and elevate your social presence.  We also assist with implementing systems to help you monetize your business using social media.  Social media is changing fast and we can update you and show you the tools and planning needed to get the job done to expand your revenue and create a memorable brand.

Social Media Monetization

Turn followers into customers
Learn how to convert your followers into customers tap into your analytics and utilize your target market.

Social Media Growth

Grow your social accounts
Learn techniques and ways to substantially grow your social media accounts using the tools available.
Hire Coutain Co. to get the job done

Services we specialize in

Social Media Branding
Create a superior online indentity
The power of a brand is to create a recognizable product which has the ability to captivate attention provoke emotions and
Social Media Growth
Grow your social media accounts to substantial organic growth
Learning about what works for your niche can help your social media accounts to actively grow organically so your online business presence can strive in today's fast growing landscape.
Viral Media
Learn the recipe to create viral media
To create viral media you need the right recipe to attract the masses within your target market. Coutain Co. specializes in viral media and can give you the foundation to producing viral content that would stick.
Become more well rounded in social media by joining our social media seminars

Discover powerful practices by joining our seminars and presentations.

Master the art of Viral Videos
Gain valuable insight and practices to increase your video exposure on social media. Learn how to read video metrics and scale for best results.
Convert your followers into Customers
Strategically convert your target market into long term customers whom will not only buy your product or service but share with their family, friends and followers.
Master Social Media Advertising
Become more effective using Facebook and Instagram platform from building your audience to making the sale.
Coutain Co strives to be the leading social media consulting firm in Canada.

Past Clients

EZI Agent To-Do in TorontoI RUN T.O ClothingBudd's BMW
For EZIAgent we created a new revenue stream which enabled them to monetize their existing client base and also offer new clients marketing on social media platforms like facebook as a new service for Real Estate Agents and Brokerages.
EZI Agent
Web Soultions for Real Estate Professionals
ToDo in Toronto gained a massive Toronto following of over 29,000 followers using our expertise and tactics. Thousands of residents and businesses follow To-Do in Toronto to see what's featured in our beloved city.
To-Do in Toronto
Events and Services and places to visit in Toronto
I RUN T.O gained great insight and marketing tactics from our professionals to boost social presence and gain more knowledge and usability with their and social media platforms to engage their target market.
I RUN T.O Clothing
Premiere clothing brand in Toronto
We consulted Budd's BMW i8 Team on ways to market the I8 brand on social media. Budd's was looking for a way to expand their customer base and bring in more sales for the new BMW i8 and were glad to be of help!
Budd's BMW
BMW Dealer
Let's get you trending!

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